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Wuxi Juna Hotels Group marketing strategy seminar held in 2013

Date: 2013-01-25

January 16, 2013,JunaHotels Groupmarketing strategyseminarheld in2013, the Group'sleadership,the department heads,each subcorporatemanagement teamand marketingdepartmentattendedthe meeting.

The meeting of the2012yeargroupoperating conditions,general managerfor the hotelInterContinental HotelsLiuwei Qianhow to determine thepositioning andmarketingorganizationsto sharetheir experiences, the unitsalso sharedmarket information.

Group chairmanand party secretaryZhu Xiaoxiageneral secretaryXi Jinpingto share with youabout thediscussion ofpositive energy,to encourage everyonetoadopt a positivemental outlooktowards workand life,for the currentrapidly changing market,she asked, first,all enterprises shouldstrengthen marketresearch,identify the market position,developa limitedmeasures to ensure thatthe objectives and tasksto complete;Second, theenterprises according tooperating conditions,scientific and reasonable arrangementof human resources;third is to strengthenemployee educationand training,efforts to improvethe overall qualityand operationalstaffskill levels;fouris to activelyguide thecustomeradvocate conservationand rationalconsumption concept.