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Tourist hotel "down" order Operating income stability rose slightly

Date: 2014-07-20

Since this year, wuxi tourism hotel industry actively respond to market changes, marketing, product transformation produced results.Recently, reporters learned from relevant departments, according to statistics of the city's 42 samples of the hotel management data, operating income growth of 0.59% year-on-year in the first half of the city tourism hotel, guest room income grew by 1.24% year on year, catering income grew by 1.38% year on year, compared with last year hotel as a whole, in the first half of this year presents edged up in steady state.
Tourism consumption main body and structure change
Wuxi tourism hotel industry association Huang Jianzhong introduction, as the "three consumption" limited, tourism consumption and transforming changes have taken place in the subject and the consumption structure.Government markets fade out, business market stabilised, people travel consumption scale.Holidaying, road trips, the lovers swims, classmates colleagues together to swim free line such as guests, has become a new backbone after business guests.For consumption main body and the change of the consumption level, the zhuhai tourist hotel especially some high-end hotels generally put the figure, the savings to the customer, depreciate sales promotion.Main tourist hotel industry average house prices fell by 10.69 yuan, 2.26% occupancy, revenue growth of 1.24%.Including the average house prices fell by 23.52 yuan, five-star hotel occupancy increases by 3.57%, the guest room revenue growth of 5.5%.While driving down, nor ignore the needs of high-end consumer groups, and pay more attention to experience the hotel offers all kinds of high quality service.Hubin hotel, with emphasis on the shanghai-nanjing line of high-end customers, do big "holiday economy", this year "51" on the day of the guest room average price of 1382 yuan, guest room revenue of 660000 yuan, hit a wuxi historical records of the hotel industry.