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Jiangsu wuxi eating food

Date: 2014-11-11

Wuxi little cage
Is wuxi traditional name points, has one hundred years history.Small steamed sweet, with southern taste, pick up the broken skin, turn not hole, a sucking with halogen, taste fresh not greasy.Steamed bread yeast thin skin, filling more than halogen, fresh taste sweet, autumn and winter, adding oil boil cooked crab roe, filling is the famous "small crab cage", delicious.
Three fresh wonton
After three fresh wonton originated in XiShan east pavilion township folk, gradual development point for wuxi traditional name.Fresh meat, dried shrimp meat, pickle made filling, therefore calls "three fresh".And the meat bones soup, bean curd kan-ssu, egg crepe.cool wire for seasoning.Thin skin, filling, more delicious three fresh wonton, is the most popular with residents of wuxi popular snacks.
Taihu lake boat point
Jiangsu famous snack, metric famous food.The cooked rice wrapped after filling, molded into various shapes, steamed.Filling, vegetables, salty and sweet.Taihu ship origin not later than Ming dynasty, named after the deep as a snack on a cruise ship in taihu lake, after generation masters for continuous improvement, the research will flower melon and fruit, and worms birds and animals, such as a variety of image is introduced into the ship, finally formed a small and exquisite, lifelike, delicious taste as well as view and admire, the characteristics of snacks.
Hang powder tangyuan
Hang flour dumplings is also called the five-color glutinous balls, is wuxi traditional point.Filling into fresh meat, vegetables lard, sesame, bean paste, rose and white sugar, such as filling, smooth soft tenacity, stuffing smell fresh clean.
Yulan cake
In 1850 by wuxi sun cake regiment store created, because when the named magnolia open season.The pie glutinous rice powder and water mix into small pieces and made into bread embryo, package into lard oil, bean paste, fresh meat, rose, sesame seeds, such as filling, fry pan with oil burning, golden brown, skin crispy, inner soft waxy, sweet salty sweetness that inviting aroma.
Sugar taro
Sugar taro is wuxi traditional points, created in 1858.It choose place to produce the finest taro taro seed, peeling, washing, alkali, cooked to taro seed to fire again when a purple stewing, add red pool and sweet osmanthus, boil.With taro crisp, the bright red color, sweet delicious clean and smell nice, is suitable for young and old snacks.